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Hey there!

My name is Luka Murn, and I come from the tiny country of Slovenia. Since discovering climbing
in 2010, I've been increasingly drawn to the incredible adventure the area of climbing/alpinism/mountaineering
offers. Being a software developer by trade, doing climbing trips for weekends and holidays exposed me to a completely
new, primal experience that is so contradictory to the life patterns of our modern society, that those "escapes" became
a kind of neccesary meditation for me. Roaming the Great Outdoors in pursuit of new experiences has thus become a vital
and essential part of my life.

On the other hand, I've always wanted to challenge myself with photography, so I've developed a habit of always taking a DSLR
camera on my trips. This has allowed me to memorize my experiences, as well as share them with the world. I also write a blog
about my adventures, but it's sadly limited to Slovenian language at the moment. I'm kind of considering also writing in
English, but there's just so many things a man can do in 24 hours.

To sum it up, I'm just a regular everyday normal guy with climbing, photography and blogging hobbies. I'm very thankful that you visited
my website. Click around, view my portfolio, or check my blog if you are lucky enough to speak Slovene :).


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